As soon as we have a firm date and cost from the golf course for the May event, we will update the registration page and re-open registration.

Golfer Registration

The two buttons below can be used to register a single golfer or a foursome. When you click the appropriate button, you will be taken to a PayPal page which will ask for some information including payment method and mailing address. The address is so that we can send you your tax deductible donation information.

IMPORTANT! Just below the price, there will be a line called "Golfer Names". If you are registering a foursome or are registering on someone's behalf, please put their names in the golfer names area. This way the correct names will appear on the golf carts and scorecards.

Register one golfer
Register a foursome


Please contact us for additional information. Thank you for your support!

To Register by Mail:

We will bring mail in registration back as soon as we have a firm date and cost from the golf course.